NEW ME (full-length feature in pre-production)

A cautionary and grizzly tale of our ever-growing obsession with perfection and flawless beauty. A collaboration with Premiere Picture and TriCoast Worldwide. Written and directed by Alan Shapiro.

STONYBROOK (full-length feature in financing)

A story of a tormented teenager’s confinement at an institution for at-risk kids in 1974 and the charismatic, wily, occasionally lunatic headmaster who champions him.

WOMEN ON THE WATER (Documentary in pre-production)

Women on the Water plunges deep into the triumphs and challenges of the women who work in the Alaskan fishing industry to expose the global issues that affect women at large.

GLOBALL (Documentary in pre-production)

From the young talent’s standpoint, we will look into three different approaches of player development—the street, the local team, and the elite academy. Ibrahim (Nigerian, 17) must put to the test his football skills in the Istanbul’s seedy streets. Shinji (Japanese, 16) has to prove his talent to stay in Ajax FC’s De Toekomst academy. Adrian (American, 18) must shine in the Brazilian National Serie C league to sign a professional contract back home. And from the industry gatekeepers’ standpoint, we will follow Ilhan, a mid-career European football agent, while he travels through Argentine villages to discover his next young talent.

WIEDERVEREINIGUNG (TV Show in development)

Two families have to come to terms with their cultural, political, and religious differences, when a young man from the East falls in love with young woman from the West.


Half hour drama/comedy project with Jon Ross is currently in development. Project information coming soon.